Raising Funds for Kenyan Student Scholarships through the Langley School District Foundation

What is PA-MOJA?

PA-MOJA means ‘together’ in Swahili. We are a North American charitable committee working as a partner with the Langley School District Foundation. We provide scholarships to students living around the Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy in the Laikipia region of Kenya. This three-way partnership is unique because we:

  1. support deserving and underprivileged Kenyan students by providing scholarships for them to attend secondary school. See some of their stories.
  2. provide a connection between students in North America and Kenya so both can learn from and with each other and thus experience true global education. 
  3. support the community around the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, which encourages stronger local support for wildlife conservation.

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The Foundation is committed to our donors privacy and we will not share donor information outside of our organization. If you would like to consent to us sharing your information with Pa-MOJA so they can keep you up to date on their mission, please CLICK HERE

Making learning unforgettable for every Langley student. | pa moja 1
Making learning unforgettable for every Langley student. | Pa Moja1 1024x682 1

What makes us different?

1. We are volunteer-driven.  All members of PA-MOJA are unpaid volunteers.

2. Student scholarships provide opportunity rather than charity.  The Kenyan school system is very challenging and thus students have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to successfully graduate. With a diploma, many more doors will be open for their future. This allows them to support not only their family, but also give back to their community.

3. We honor Kenyan culture. We recognize that we have much to share, but also much to learn from Kenyan people. Although Kenyans have many challenges, we try to present Kenyan culture in a positive light.  The majority of Kenyans inspire us with their resilience, positive attitude and desire to improve their lives. We focus on these attributes.

4. We ask first. We don’t make any decisions without consulting and collaborating with our partners at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

5. We strive for meaningful Global Education. We have Kenyan and non-Kenyan students collaborating on an online learning platform called Butterfly Effect (


Support a Kenyan student. Hear their story. Interact with your Kenyan counterpart and know that you have made a difference in their life.

Thank you to the schools that are currently supporting Kenyan students. If you would like your school to participate, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Our Vision


The Langley School District Foundation was established in 2001 with a goal to supplement publicly funded education to ensure Langley students achieve success.

We envision a community where:

  1. The basic needs of children are met.
  2. Students have ample innovative and impactful educational opportunities offered to support the leaders of tomorrow.
  3. Local organizations collaborate to meet the needs of students and their families so that Langley is a strong and healthy community.

Will you invest in our future?

90% of all donations go to support Langley students and their programs. All donations are tax receiptable.

The Langley School District Foundation was incorporated in 2001 as a Canadian registered charity.
CRN: 87308 4917 RR0001.

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4875 222nd Street
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CRN: 87308 4917 RR0001

The Langley School District Foundation was incorporated in 2001 as a Canadian registered charity. All donations to the Foundation are tax receiptable. CRN: 87308 4917 RR0001.

90% of all donations to the Foundation go to support Langley students and their programs.