Our Priorities

To enhance the accessibility and value of education for all Langley school district students.

The Langley School District Foundation envisions a community where:

  • The basic needs of children are met.
  • Students have ample innovative and impactful educational opportunities offered to support the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Local organizations collaborate to meet the needs of students and their families so that Langley is a strong and healthy community.

Mental Wellness

The Langley School District Foundation recognizes that mental wellness is an increasing challenge for students. Stress, worry and anxiety among students is reaching a tipping point. 

We have committed to assisting students who need private mental health support but for whom the financial cost is a barrier. Please reach out to your school counsellor or Principal and they will connect with the Foundation on your behalf. All inquiries and requests are private and confidential.  

If you are a business or organization wishing to support Student Mental Wellness, please connect with us. We have a vision for a Langley Youth Mental Health Summit and we are actively looking for funders to help bring this vision to life!

Current events, programs and partnerships

about the possibilities

Langley Mental Health Summit

In collaboration with Jack.Org, summits bring young students together to learn from each other and build the skills needed to deepen their impact in their communities.

Young people will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, increase their mental health knowledge and decrease the stigma that surrounds mental illness in schools and communities.

We envision a jam-packed experience; exciting speakers, workshops, activities, and brainstorming sessions.

We’re building a community without shame. A country where all young people have the knowledge they need to take care of their own mental health. A Canada where we have the power to change systems so that those who need support access the help they deserve.


One of the greatest gifts we can give students is the ability read, write and form a connection to stories and books.  

However, literacy can apply to many things – physical literacy and movement; financial literacy; health literacy; digital literacy. The Foundation is proud to partner and support student literacy in all its shapes and forms.

Current events, programs and partnerships

girl in pink dress reading book on green grass during daytime
June 26, 2021

Summer Book Giveaway

The goal of our program is to decrease the reading achievement gap for students who may not have access to quality literature over the summer break.

Student Opportunities

Giving students the chance to engage in real world problem solving; providing opportunities to take part in unique extra curricular activities and supporting all the things that do not typically get funded through the Ministry of Education.

Civic service, leadership, volunteerism – students today need a vast array of experiences and exposure so they can transition into adulthood and achieve their fullest potential.

That’s where the Foundation steps in, providing funding and support for Langley students to participate in exceptional opportunities to enhance their growth and development.

Current events, programs and partnerships

July 7, 2022

I.D.E.A. Summit

The IDEA Summit is a Langley School District initiative designed to celebrate Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Altruism in the Langley School District.
July 7, 2022

IdeaX Challenge

Fashioned after the well-known online X prize which fosters “high-profile competitions to motivate individuals, companies, and organizations across all disciplines to develop innovative ideas and technologies that help solve the grand challenges that restrict humanity’s progress”, IdeaX is a vehicle to generate feasible solutions to a monumental real-world problem. We are thrilled to announce there […]
July 7, 2022

Student Writing Contest

LangleySchool District students are invited to write a 300-500 word “Your School” themed article for submission to [email protected] by August 31st, 2022. Tell us what makes your school great, unique, and special! ⁠ Four students will be selected to have their article published in our Student Success insert in the Langley Advance Times in 2022/2023 […]
May 5, 2022

Dry Grad Fundraising

Some Langley secondary schools are fundraising through the Foundation to support their graduating students and Dry Grad Celebrations! Dry Grad – A dry grad is an all-night supervised party for graduating students and their guest. Absolutely no alcohol or other drugs, including tobacco, are allowed. These last few years have been especially challenging for us all, […]
October 29, 2021

Snap Tunes Music

Snap-Tunes songwriting program, run by musician Laura Koch, is a program for elementary school aged children that takes students through three hour-long sessions with a professional artist to collaboratively write and record a song. With grateful appreciation to our “Orchestra” sponsor for this program: Envision Financial, A Division of First West Credit Union The program […]
Photo of a home base vertical tower garden.
May 9, 2018

Garden Towers

Read about how the Langley School District Foundation has introduced some of our schools to these miraculous garden tower grow systems.


The Langley School District Foundation is proud to manage over 300 scholarships and bursaries for Langley students. 

Offering a scholarship can be a terrific way for a family or business to support students. Many of our partners appreciate that it is a tax receiptable way to invest in the future.

Food Programming

A few years ago, the Foundation started hearing stories of students coming to school hungry. That was a concern so we contacted the schools to find out how many of their students were actually in that predicament.

Principals were reporting 100s of kids arriving every morning without having had breakfast and with no packed lunch. The numbers, exceeding 3000 per day, were astonishing.

Read more about how we are solving this issue

Realizing that no child can concentrate, participate or learn on an empty stomach, the Foundation initiated their Food for Thought Campaign.

Since then, thanks to all our community partners and volunteers students who were previously hungry, are now armed with a nutritious breakfast, healthy lunch, snacks throughout the day and backpacks filled with food to take home to their families.

“The difference in their performance, attitude and behavior is incredible,” says Langley Secondary principal, Marcello Moino.

Langley Meadows former principal Vanessa Jaggi agrees. As two of the first schools to embrace the concept by incorporating a breakfast program into their daily routines, the Langley (secondary) and Langley Meadows (elementary) breakfast programs have become the prototypes for other schools looking to emulate and adopt.

Now thanks to Breakfast Clubs of Canada, the Walnut Grove Business Association, Re/Max Treeland, Poppy Estates, Starline Windows and Vitrum Glass Products, breakfast clubs flourish in many of our schools.

But hunger doesn’t stop at breakfast – it goes on throughout the day and into weekends and holidays. So now thanks to the Township of Langley Firefighters Charity, we can deliver snacks to our schools. Twice a month the big, red fire engines arrive at 26 schools. Firefighters are there to distribute snacks and interact with the wide-eyed students.

And to provide backpacks filled with food to feed families on weekends and holidays are the United Churches of Langley, Aldergrove Central and Sunrise Rotary Clubs of Langley. The backpacks are filled by student volunteers on Thursday and delivered to the schools on Friday for families to take home to their hungry families.

Current events, programs and partnerships

April 25, 2022

Kids Helping Kids Clothing Drive 2022

Kids Helping Kids Clothing Drive – Win a BBQ lunch for your whole school, served by Langley firefighters! 🚒 May 27th, 2022 marks the return of the Township of Langley Firefighters’ Charitable Societies and Langley City Fire Rescue’s Clothing Drive, with proceeds going to fund their SD35 School Snack Program. We are hoping to raise […]
February 9, 2022

Breakfast Club Expansion

Bowls of fresh fruit, rows of yogurt cups, and baked goods line a table in the multi-purpose room at Shortreed Community Elementary. Lindsay Romas is behind the table ready to serve students a healthy meal to help them start their day. Romas is a youth care worker at the Aldergrove neighbourhood school. Before the morning […]
February 7, 2019

Food for Thought Campaign

Ensuring that all Langley students who come to school hungry, or go home hungry, receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snack, and weekend backpack.

Our Vision


The Langley School District Foundation was established in 2001 with a goal to supplement publicly funded education to ensure Langley students achieve success.

We envision a community where:

  1. The basic needs of children are met.
  2. Students have ample innovative and impactful educational opportunities offered to support the leaders of tomorrow.
  3. Local organizations collaborate to meet the needs of students and their families so that Langley is a strong and healthy community.

Will you invest in our future?

90% of all donations go to support Langley students and their programs. All donations are tax receiptable.

The Langley School District Foundation was incorporated in 2001 as a Canadian registered charity.
CRN: 87308 4917 RR0001.

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4875 222nd Street
Langley, BC  V3A 3Z7
CRN: 87308 4917 RR0001

The Langley School District Foundation was incorporated in 2001 as a Canadian registered charity. All donations to the Foundation are tax receiptable. CRN: 87308 4917 RR0001.

90% of all donations to the Foundation go to support Langley students and their programs.