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Dry Grad Fundraising

Some Langley secondary schools are fundraising through the Foundation to support their graduating students and Dry Grad Celebrations!

Dry Grad – A dry grad is an all-night supervised party for graduating students and their guest. Absolutely no alcohol or other drugs, including tobacco, are allowed. Grad Committees across Langley are planning an unforgettable, safe, and event-filled evening to commemorate the end of their K-12 journey.

To make their Dry Grad as memorable as possible, parent volunteers/committees are seeking support to provide grads with an amazing night.

To view the fundraising pages for schools utilizing the Foundations platform, click their name below:

DW Poppy Secondary Dry Grad

Langley Fine Arts Secondary Dry Grad

Walnut Grove Secondary Dry Grad

RE Mountain Secondary Dry Grad

Brookswood Secondary Dry Grad

Langley Secondary Dry Grad

Langley Fundamental Secondary Dry Grad

Enhancing the accessibility and value of education for all Langley School District students. | Untitled design 12

Unique Drum Set Raffle

Win A Custom Ava Drum Kit valued at more than $8,000!

Custom stave Bubinga Wood drums

Like-new, beautiful in-house tongue and groove custom stave Bubinga wood drums and hardware valued at over $8,000. Items included are

  • Snare 14 x 7
  • Rack Toms 8 x 6.5 10 x 7 12 x 8
  • Floor Toms 14 × 13 16 × 15
  • Kick Drum 22 x 17
  • Yamaha snare stand
  • Hexrack II System

Deadline: Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.
Draw date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 9:00 p.m.

Youth Advisory

We are thrilled to announce 29 students in grades 10-12 in SD#35 have joined our Youth Advisory.

The Youth Advisory initiative is designed specifically for students to have their voices heard and make a tangible difference. The Advisory will meet once or twice throughout the school year to provide valuable input on projects and initiatives. A think-tank-like group, contributing with innovative ideas and perspectives, helping us understand the needs and aspirations of Langley students better.

Members of the Youth Advisory will be part of the decision-making process, helping shape the priorities and projects for the Foundation. The projects they work on will be student-centric, aimed at enhancing the learning experience and creating a more inclusive, engaging, and dynamic school environment.

Governance and Policy

Students will also have the opportunity to gain insight into the governance of a non-profit organization as members of the Foundation.

Please join us in welcoming the following members of the Youth Advisory for 2024!

  • Yu-An Chen RE Mountain Secondary
  • Sophie Rempel RE Mountain Secondary
  • Sophia Goundrey RE Mountain Secondary
  • Aliah Campbell RE Mountain Secondary
  • Chloe Moon Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Polina Arendarenko Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Maria Dimitriana Nazarov (Dimi)Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Elena Facer Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Taylor Jones Langley Secondary School
  • Mei Mitchell Langley Secondary School
  • Boxuan Tang (Harry)Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Chelsea Lee RE Mountain Secondary
  • Aarushi Harish Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Avani Kundan Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Julia Gordon Langley Secondary School
  • Lily Jung Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Elysia Lee Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Andrea Ho Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Angelina Yang Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Destiny Nacario RE Mountain Secondary
  • Geena Sandhu RE Mountain Secondary
  • Rameen Ali Langley Secondary School
  • Ayesha Jamil Langley Secondary School
  • Emily Kilpatrick Langley Secondary School
  • Chutong Qin Walnut Grove Secondary
  • Reid Bouchard RE Mountain Secondary
  • Vriti Mundhada RE Mountain Secondary

Note: all students who applied were invited to join the advisory

I.D.E.A. Summit

What is the IDEA Summit?


The IDEA Summit is a Langley School District initiative designed to celebrate Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and Altruism in the Langley School District.

Community partners are encouraged to sponsor, support, adjudicate, participate and serve as mentors in our students’ journey towards a vision of the future. 

If you are interested in supporting this unique endeavour, please consider becoming a sponsor at one of the following levels:

  • Platinum Executive Partner $5,000
  • Gold Leadership Partner $3,500
  • Silver Innovation Partner $2,000
  • Bronze Strategy Partner $750

Your support can make a huge difference in these students’ lives and help shape the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for considering supporting this unique initiative!

Components of the Summit:

  1. Market Showcase: Students from across the district (K-12) showcase and sell the products they have designed and created.
  2. Socialpreneurism Showcase: Students from across the district (K-12) share their ideas and their plans designed to make their local community a better place.
  3. Design Challenges: Students from across the district (K-12) participate in design challenges throughout the day.  Students are provided with an open-ended challenge that utilizes their creative skills to design a response to the challenge.  Each design challenge will have a time limit and will be an exciting activity for an audience to observe.
  4. Pitch Challenge: Students (K-12) will put forth their best pitch for their products or services to judges.
  5. Finale: To close the event, we will have a short keynote address followed by 3 finalists who will share their pitch with the audience. Judges will share highlights of the showcase events and the pitch event.

At the IDEA SUMMIT students are taking leaps of faith and attacking problems from different angles. With eyes and minds open to every possibility, they are breaking out of the usual box of ideas and turning brainstorms from familiar to fantastic.

Don’t miss an opportunity to see youthful innovation, creativity, and tough-minded optimism at work.

Enhancing the accessibility and value of education for all Langley School District students. | IDEA Summit 2024

2024 Date – May 7, 2024

Platinum Executive Partner

Enhancing the accessibility and value of education for all Langley School District students. | Wesmont logo
Enhancing the accessibility and value of education for all Langley School District students. | VWR logo color
Enhancing the accessibility and value of education for all Langley School District students. | LangleyAdvanceTimes Logo

Gold Leadership Partner

Enhancing the accessibility and value of education for all Langley School District students. | EF Logo ADO Colour

Bronze Strategy Partner

Enhancing the accessibility and value of education for all Langley School District students. | Ayreborn Colour logo 2018 RGB

Youth Art Contest

An Opportunity to Showcase Select Student Art

The Langley School District Foundation will be hosting a Donor Appreciation event in the New Year, where select students will be extended the opportunity to attend and display their art pieces. Students will also have the opportunity to make their art available for sale at this event.

Art Submission Guidelines

  • Student must be attending a School District #35 Secondary School
  • Student artwork must be flat-art or three-dimensional art that can be hung on show-display-walls. 
  • Stretched canvas, watercolour paper or other light-weight substrates are acceptable
  • The size of each student artwork submission (including framing) should not exceed 12” x 18” in size.
    This limitation allows for all the selected pieces of student art to be displayed in the space available. 
  • Framing is required for all submissions
  • To enable hanging, please install a hanging wire on the back of your artwork submission. 
  • Very light-weight artwork may possibly be mounted by using hooked-velcro, which will attach to the fabric-covered display walls. 
  • A (business-size) card should accompany each artwork. The card should display the artwork title, the student/artist’s name, and the school’s name. Please place a hooked-velcro tab on the back of each card so it will mount easily. 
  • Should a student wish to make their art available for sale, please include the price on the card. Buyers will be able to purchase the student art through the Langley School District Foundation. If there is no price displayed on the artwork, it will not be sold. 


Artwork submissions (and attached cards) from your school should arrive attention to the Langley School District Foundation at the School Board by: Wednesday, January 31, 2024.  

For any questions or more information:
Connect with Community Engagement Manager, Kerry Campbell at [email protected].

Our Vision


The Langley School District Foundation was established in 2001 with a goal to supplement publicly funded education to ensure Langley students achieve success.

We envision a community where:

  1. The basic needs of children are met.
  2. Students have ample innovative and impactful educational opportunities offered to support the leaders of tomorrow.
  3. Local organizations collaborate to meet the needs of students and their families so that Langley is a strong and healthy community.

Will you invest in our future?

90% of all donations go to support Langley students and their programs. All donations are tax receiptable.

The Langley School District Foundation was incorporated in 2001 as a Canadian registered charity.
CRN: 87308 4917 RR0001.